Pan An Jing Qi

Pai An Jing Qi (PAJQ)

Amazing Cases
(aka Cases of Strange Mystery, Secret Murder, etc.)


Starring: Alec Su, Wang Yi

Role: Hang Tie Sheng



Hang Tie Sheng (TS): newly appointed magistrate of "Zhu Shan" (bamboo mountain) province. Also referred to by other terms like "Xian Lin"/ magistrate, "xian tai ye", "Han Da Ren" - Lord Han - a sign of respect by the people. When speaking to the Emperor, he referred to himself as "chen"

Lu Yan Qing (YQ): Hang Tie Sheng's advisor, sometimes referred to as "Shi ye" or "Lu shi ye"

Xin Yi (XY): Hang Tie Sheng's stepmother ("hou mu"); "Auntie Xin" to the young people, and "niang" to TS. Sometimes she was referred to as "Da mei" by people who felt that she was too young for them to call her "Auntie Xin" (as she was only less than 10 years older than her stepson, TS). The Emperor calls her "Da mei zi" (as his sign of endearment for her as they first knew each other through strange circumstances as "commoners" and she did not realize that the man she rescued was the emperor).

Ning Xiang (LX)
Emperor (EMp)

Episode 2

Crown Prince (CP)
Wu Song (WS): the court official in charge of the imperial guards, and also one of the personal bodyguards for the royalty. He was a "zuo" (left) wei "protector/bodyguard". He could be in charge of the Eastern Palace.
Old Lady Soong (OLS)

Wu Jia Bao (WJB)
: a "convict" TS was supposed to escort to the execution ground
Yan/"Fu" Da Ren (FTR): a prefect or an official in charge of a prefecture. TS reported to him when he arrived at the city with XY & YQ.

Additional Characters

Wu Song (WS)
Yu Shan (YS):
the Crown Prince's lady companion


Bao Er threatened to report Wu Song to the magistrate for causing his granny's death. On the way to look for the magistrate, he was cornered by Wu Song who was trying to killed him. BE was saved in the nick of time by Tie Sheng and Ling Xiang. The following day, Tie Sheng stopped the Crown Prince in front of the Soong portal. Meanwhile, a lady was looking for her daughter, Ling Xiang. Tie Sheng related to the prince what his subordinate had done, informing him that the imperial guards were arrested. The villagers were furious to hear what had happened to the Soong family. While cheering TS for doing the right thing, they showed their anger with Wu Song by throwing things at the CP and his entourage. A villager's pants caught fire and this terrified the lady who started panicking. TS grabbed the fallen terrified lady who was going to be trampled by a frightened horse. He kicked that horse away and the horse landed on one of the sedans/carriages. Much commotion. Ling Xiang saved Tie Sheng from being hit by a flying needle and defeated the prince's personal bodyguard. The fallen lady was her mother. Ling Xiang and her mother was brought to the magistracy. The prince came to see Tie Sheng but it later ended in a duel between Tie Sheng and the prince's bodyguard. Once again, Ling Xiang had helped him. Prince wanted Lin Xiang to return with him to "heal" Yu Shan but she refused as she had only immobilized Yu Shan who would be alright two hours later. (yi chen means two hours). After the prince's departure, Tie Sheng managed to dissuade Lin Xiang and her mother, Wan Gu, from leaving. That night, they concocted medicine for Wan Gu.


WS, looking at the cornered BE, said smirkingly,"... seeing that you are alone and lonely, I will send you to a family reunion," as he put an arrow in his bow and aimed at helpless and frightened BE.... He let go the arrow....

(Have fun watching the next part. Don't blink... YAYYYY)
(Bravo! Bravo! Our hero and heroine to the rescue!)

TS to LX: "Thank you. Now we are even."
As the heroine flew away, TS: "deng (wait), deng (wait)."


BE, hitting WS, "You killed my granny. I beat you to death... "
TS, pulling BE off WS, "Get up first."
Kicking WS, "Off you go... "

TS asked BE how a little boy like him offended a court official. BE begged him to help him look for the magistrate (xian tai ye). TS told him that he no longer needed to look for him as he was "xian tai ye." In relief, BE hugged him and broke down.


At the death scene, housekeeper was relating to XY & YQ the extreme humiliation and insults OLS had suffered, which led her to commit suicide in order to seek justice. The housekeeper said that "a noble person can be killed but not insulted (jun ke sha, bu ke ru)."

XY demanded of the imperial guards who their leader was and asked him to come out. One of them asked her who she was. She replied smugly that she was the magistrate's mother but the guards only laughed mockingly at her. YQ called them a pack of wolves with fake tiger arrogance, wolves that put on sheepskin. He was angry that they should be wearing the uniform of imperial guard and yet they were bullying the commoners. He told them that they were shameless, inhuman, worse than beasts. Once again, XY demanded who their head was. When they revealed that they were imperial guards and their leader, a court official and one of the personal bodyguards for the royalty, both XY & YQ were speechless. The guard mocked them for their earlier arrogant attitude and asked who else was still discontented. Both YQ & XY pointed at one another. Laughter.


A voice,"Me (wo)! There is also me (hai you wo)! I am the magistrate of Zhu Shan." (And we see our gallant young magistrate riding confidently on a horse, with Bao Er in front of him, and holding a rope and at the end of the rope was the tied up bearded Wu Song, stumbling along trying to keep up. YAYYYY!!!!)

He told them that the "grievously-afflicted" victim, Bao Er, had sued/reported them for forcing their way into the Soong residency and causing his granny's death. TS then added, "Yours truly had accepted the case."

Dragging the bound WS from behind the horse, he told WS's men to surrender if they did not want to share WS's fate. WS warned TS,"You don't be too happy yet. The prince would be arriving tomorrow and you are a dead man." (You will love TS's response to that threat.) TS got off the horse, swinging Bao Er whose feet knocked WS unconscious.


TS gently told BE to bury his granny, promising him that justice would be dealt. (Don't you just love him – fierce to villains and gentle with the weak and young, filial to the mother, courteous and considerate towards others.) YQ & XY were proud of him. XY said proudly,"You are indeed my son!"


WJB, trying to identify the ‘high court official' involved in his case, watched with terror as WS threatened them, warning them to watch out, mocking them that their master (‘zhu zi') crawled on the floor while his flew in the sky.

WJB did not recognize any of them. Moreover, he did not get to look at the "high court official" who had given him many taels of silver. He and his wife were very happy then but from then onwards, they were in trouble right up to that very moment. However, he remembered Yan Zhi fu (YZF) telling that the gift of taels was from a person with status among the highest, and of great wealth and fortune. Looking at their facial expressions, WJB panicked and asked TS whether he had any hope of being rescued. TS reassured him that since he had pulled him from the bottom of the well to the side of the well, he would not let him fall back into it. (in short, he promised to find a way to "save" him.)


Back at his residency, XY was waiting for them anxiously but put on a cheery tone when she saw them, "mang (busy) wan (finish) le? (Work completed?)" Stopping YQ from entering, both used non-verbal language to communicate. Sitting down, pouring himself a cup of tea, TS asked,"Have you two finished gesticulating to each other?" He added that although WJB could not identify anyone, it did not reduce his suspicions of the Prince.

YQ questioned him whether it was because of the yao pai (token of authority), and rationalized that there were many people who were of high status and wealthy besides the prince. TS reminded him that CP was the only one who was coming to Zhu Shan to investigate the case.

YQ asked TS whether it was not enough for him to arrest CP's personal bodyguards and imperial guards. Xin Yee,"Do you know where he came from? He jumped out of a coffin!" (XY's use of beng to provide the image of baby prince jumping straight out of the coffin like a bullet). YQ corrected her, saying that it was impossible for coffin to give birth, "... actually a lightning struck open the coffin and inside the coffin lay a dead woman who gave birth to the prince in the coffin. Henceforth, the prince was known as the reincarnation of Lord Lightning (lei gong chuan shi)."

XY asked TS in a shocked voice whether he had heard what YQ said. TS smilingly replied,"Yes, I heard. Tomorrow when I 'block' the royal entourage/convoy in the street, I will look for a safe place to stand."

XY: "That is more like it... WHAT! 'Block' the entourage in the street! You don't want your life/to live anymore!"

TQ: "I tell you, your tough method is too irrational, too over-chivalrous/overboard... "

TS asked them not to be anxious, telling that that was the best way to test what kind of person CP was: that if CP did turn out not to be a hypocrite but genuine about implementing justice, then CP was a very considerate, upright, magnanimous, and sincere (ren de kuan hou) person, and there was nothing to worry about.

YQ: "What if not (what if it turns out to be otherwise)?"
TS: "... then since he could not get rid of me using devious means/in the 'dark' (an zhu chu bu diao wo), so he comes out in the open. I have chosen the 'open' way -- this is also a means of protecting myself. I want people to witness that I had never approached CP and put CP in a difficult position/tight spot, and if anything adverse should happen to me, who would be held responsible? Hence to avoid gossip, CP could only 'roar like thunder but rain little' (lei sheng da, yu dian xiao)."

YQ was still concerned, feeling that something was amiss, that TS could only 'hide' (duo) for a while but not forever. He cited YZF as an example, that they knew that he was abusing the law, yet they could not deal with him, so why did they still want to advance forward to fight the tiger. XY joined in,"Not only a tiger; he is a dragon ya!"

TS: "Do you two mean that we should just swat the houseflies and leave it as that? That is all the little chivalry you have, uh?"

YQ: "Have you forgotten what you have told Ah Bao, that you would not loosen your grip on his hand and let him fall. But if you now can not even preserve your life, how are you going to fulfill your promise?"

TS: "I will fulfil my vow. I am willing to fall with him as I am not able to go against my conscience or stain it. I have to go wherever there is evidence and do so until my last breath before I stop [literal translation]."

XY started to lament,"Why is my life so hard/bitter? Just when I thought that after attending/looking after the old master (her husband), I could enjoy a few years of fortune/prosperity. Now, hao la [tone of this expression used here may be similar to "good, my foot'']. Why is my life so bitter (ku)?"

TS: "Niang, don't worry. I will take good care of myself. Even if something were to happen to me (dragging YQ forward), YQ, my brother (ge er men) will look after you for the rest of your life." He strode away happily, leaving behind flabbergasted YQ with XY.

YQ: "Er, Tie Shen, this is your affair, you cannot just push it to me. Moreover, I am your advisor (shi ye) and if you are in trouble, it is unlikely that I will not be involved!"

TS (without pausing in his strides): "Don't worry (fang xin). I will go alone to waylay the prince in the street. It doesn't concern you at all."

YQ: "Aiya, now is really da hong te hong [the red getting specially redder -- from the frying pan into the fire]
XY: "wo ta ni de hong" ["I beat your red." -- I will beat you until you are red all over.)


"Tai zi lai le! (The prince is coming!) Come and see! Come and see the prince!" In the street, villagers were excited at the prince's arrival and were lining the street, looking out eagerly for the prince and his entourage.

Meanwhile, a woman was calling out anxiously for her daughter "Ling Xiang! Ling Xiang!", and asking passers-by whether they had seen a girl of "this height, carrying a packet of herbs." A passer-by reminded her that the street was full of people (ren shan ren hai) and it would be difficult to find her. He made his apologies and went on his way to kan re nao ("see/join in the excitement").

The prince asked Wu Gang why his brother, Wu Song, had not appeared yet. Suddenly, he heard Tie Sheng calling out to him to ting che (stop). [Literal translation would be "stop sedan/carriage/car."] Tie Sheng greeted CP and introduced himself. CP told him mockingly that no matter zhuo jin they were to see/meet him, could he not employ more people to receive him. He was curious to know why TS came alone to receive him.

TS revealed that he was not here to receive him but waiting there with the purpose of seeking justice for the commoners who had been grievously wronged/victimized. CP, angered by his insolence, reminded TS that he could have waited for him to settle in first but TS stressed that this was an urgent matter that could not be delayed.

TS pointed at the arch/portal, reminding CP that it was presented to the Soong family by the Emperor for the family's loyalty and sacrifice of three generations of family members (males) in the battles. All that was left in the family were only Old Lady Soong, her grandson and their residence. Yet Wu Song had taken over the Soong residency by force, chased the inhabitants out, to provide accommodation for the prince. The villagers were angry to hear this.

TS continued, telling CP that OLS could not swallow this humiliation and insults to her family and decided to seek justice by committing suicide, hitting her head against the wall in front of her house. Besides that, Wu Song had chased after the weak and young (Bao Er) with the intention of killing him. He claimed that WS's acts were lawless, inhuman and worse than a beast. Finally, he informed the prince that he had already arrested WS and his men.

pajq ep 2The villagers approved of their arrest, remarking that they were too cruel, and started to throw things at the prince and his entourage. Pandemonium. Horses rearing. People pushing and jostling. Shouts of "Protect the prince (bao hu tai zi)", "Be calm." A man's pants caught fire and he started rolling on the ground near the lady who was looking for her daughter. The woman looked on with mounting terror on her face. She started to run towards Wu Gang.

WG: "What are you doing? You mad old woman (ni zhe ge feng po zi)! Hateful! Get lost!"

WG pushed her away, causing her to fall in front of a frightened horse which reared and the stunned woman could only stare at the horse which was going to trample her as its forelegs descended.... (Sorry, got carried away... enjoy our hero and heroine in action again.) After the fight....

TS said smilingly: "Miss, it's you again."
LX said anxiously to the lady: "Niang (mother), how did this happen [Literal translation: Why is it like that?] Do not frighten me (Do not make me worry)."
TS: "Do not panic. The magistracy is nearby/in front. I will give instructions for someone to attend to your mum (ling tang -- polite form of saying "your mum")."

CP gave them permission to leave, saying that saving a life is more important. WG was not happy and asked CP whether they were going to let them off so easily. His mocking tone, "Zou?", implied that he had other intention in mind and would not let them off so easily.


Yan Qing examined Wan Gu and looked baffled. He asked Xin Yee whether she had noticed any injuries on Lady WG when she examined Lady WG. She did not. LX asked him worriedly what was wrong with her mum. YQ answered that by right, there should not be anything seriously wrong with her mum except for the traumatic shock she suffered. Hence, he was baffled by her apparent symptoms of a head injury when he checked her pulse rate. XY commented that that was unlikely.

YQ went into the philosophy of the importance of the human head (which I am not elaborating, sorry), and he pointed out that head injury could cause an imbalance in our mind. TS was going to interrupt when LX said with delight that he was too right, that Lady WG did have a head injury very long ago and praised him for being a shen yi (a miracle doctor). YQ looked smug while TS & XY looked incredulously at them.

YQ continues,"She often feels dizzy, has headaches, and also, often has panic attacks or feelings of terror, and lapses of memory loss. She often feels lost and suffers from insomnia. She could not go to sleep at all. Is that right?"

LX: "Yes, yes. You are absolutely correct. My mother says that she has ‘shi (lose) xin (heart) feng (madness/abnormality/ailment) [the English equivalent of this medical condition would be "panic attack."] I guess that it has something to do with her mental condition/amnesia -- something has happened to cause her to forget the past yet certain incidents would just trigger the feeling of terror in her). The symptoms you have described hai guo de qu (can still be accepted) but what is most worrying is her feelings of terror.
XY & YQ: "Terror?"
XY: "Is it like what had happened just now in the street?"

LX nodded her head.
LX:" This morning, my mother was feeling uneasy and unwell, so I hurried to the medicine hall to get her some medicine. But the boss wasn't in so I had to wait for some time. The waiting could have caused my mother to become over-anxious and came out to look for me. Later, she must be terrified by the fire. She always has a phobia of fire. It was not a deliberate act."

TS: "Don't worry. We knew that it was unintentional."
LX: "But we had interrupt what you were doing, you were going to intercede on behalf of that poor child."
TS: "Don't worry. Soong's case has not come to a conclusion yet. I could not simply stand aside and watch, not lifting a hand, while your mother was overcome by anxiety and terror."
LX: "Ling Xiang thanks Da ren gratefully for saving (my mother's) life."
TS: "Please quickly get up. Please quickly get up. This is my duty. You don't have to stand on ceremony. In fact, I need to thank you for lending a hand."

(TS holding LX's hands, to YQ's annoyance and XY's joy. Electrifying.)

"Jealous" YQ deliberately walked between them while XY looked on with glee on her face.

TS: "Sorry, Miss. Please pardon me for my ill manners."
LX: "Da ren, please call me Ling Xiang."
TS: "Ling Xiang, it is a nice-sounding name."

XY: "Miss Ling Xiang, what is your surname?"
LX: "This, I do not know."
XY: "You really know how to joke, ah!"
LX:" I really don't know."
XY: "You don't know? Even if you do not use your father's surname, you should be using your mother's surname. You... "
LX: "... ever since after my mother has fallen from the cliff, she has forgotten everything (jiu ba shen me dou wang le). That is why the Abbess of Bai Yun (White Cloud) Abbey calls her ‘Wang Gu' (Auntie Forget)."
XY: "Wang Gu..."
TS (pulling her away): "Mother!"
XY: "What are you doing?"

LX (in surprise): "Both of you are mother and son?"
TS: "AH... er... ah... she is my stepmother (hou mu), ‘ci mu' (implying that XY was as kind and loving to him as a real mother)."
XY (flattered): "Thank you for your compliments. (To TS):"She really knows how to talk."

TS (surprised): "But, mother, she did not say anything."
XY: "What, did not say anything? It is written all over her face, ma. On the left, is written, young/youthful and... (qing chun hao nian hua). On the right is written, looking like a stalk of flower. I really felt embarrassed (zhen bu hao yi si) by these compliments. That is some more, the horizontal line stroke/line (heng pi) ...."

YQ: "Horizontal stroke/line... yan hua (blurred eyes)!"
XY: "I... (chasing YQ), I beat you, you, bad-mouth. Don't run. Bad-mouth."


At the inn, Yu Shan, lying in bed, called out to prince whose thoughts were filled with images of Lin Xiang.

Yu Shan: "Dian xia (Your Highness). Dian xia, my whole body is aching and sore all over."
Crown Prince: "Wu Gang!"
Wu Gang: "Here I am."
CP: "Prepare the horse!"
WG: "Yes."
YS: "Dian xia, where are you going?"
CP: " am going to find Han (TS), and at the same time, get the 'physician; (implying Lin Xiang) for you."


At the magistracy, TS, XY and YQ were walking out of the house, and TS was greeted by one of his men. TS asked him whether he had found out CP's whereabouts.

CP:" Don't need to search further. Yours truly has already come (I am already here.)."

TS greeted CP who walked past him without acknowledging his greetings, going straight into the house. XY and YQ were not allowed to follow TS into the house. TS apologized to CP for his offence (stopping the royal entourage in the streets), and explained that he was only doing it to pacify the commoners, to let them/everyone know that the prince was a ren de ai min prince (a kind righteous prince who loved his people). That when his subordinates (underlings) commited a crime/wrong, he would mete out justice, regardless of personal feelings (tie mian wu si -- literal translation "iron face no personal" -- implying that he would be objective and impartial. That CP would seek justice for the Soong's family. He apologized for the woman's terror which had heightened the chaotic situation, explaining that it was accidental and hoped that the Prince would be magnanimous and forgive them.

CP: "bu jian dang (not easy). ni zhen xin (you are ‘good', CP is implying that TS was crafty, not an easy person to deal with.)" He commented sarcastically that TS had been very effective in words, actions and... he, TS, alone had taken all the credits for being the good fellow.

TS: "I wouldn't dare."
CP:" I see that you dare to indeed."

CP pointed out that he, TS, after creating some attention in the city, naturally would not compromise when he was back in his province (I am not really sure of the exact meaning of the prince's words. Only could see that he was not happy with TS. ) TS replied that he had no ulterior motives except to seek justice for the commoners. CP decided not to pursue Wu Song's matter and asked him whether TS knew what he (CP) was in Zhu Shan. He questioned TS about the progress of Wu Jia Bao's case.

TS, looking at Wu Gang, told CP that during the interrogation of WJB, it was revealed that somebody had instructed YZF to set WJB up in order to get hold of WJB's wife.

CP: "Is that so? Whose instructions?"

TS replied that WJB didn't know and only heard from YZF that the person was of high status and importance. CP chided him for rattling "rubbish" and insulted him by saying that how he could be sure that it was the truth when there was no evidence and when TS was not clear about what had happened. TS argued that if it was not true, why would somebody attempt to kill him on his way to Zhu Shan, in order to silence him. He revealed that something the assassin left behind had provided a strong evidence.

He observed that WG's hand had searched around his waist immediately and that WG's face had grown more anxious. TS pointed out that since this object was for the palace members to enter and exit the palace, and the owner would have to apply for a replacement, so it would be easy to identify the owner by going through the record.

Wu Gang, referring to TS as an mu zhong wu ren (implying that TS has no regard for anybody), accused him of being irrational and spouting nonsense. TS feigned ignorance and asked "innocently" why WG lost his temper suddenly and whether he had said something which WG was not happy to hear. WG demanded that TS give the yao pai to him and tried to snatch it from him but TS dodged him, asking him how he could give such an important evidence to him, unless it was his (WG).

WG attacked TS. While defending himself, TS caught hold of WG's wrist and commented that WG's eyes were familiar. TS alleged that WG was the assassin and claimed that WG's hand was that of his "killer's." He pointed that they (the assassin and WG) had similar physique and bad temper. WG was furious but TS cheekily apologized for spouting "nonsense" and asked him not to be angry.

(Enjoy the "fight"). During the fight, TS continued to tease WG about his bad temper being bad for his mental health, and joked about his talent for talking when fighting when WG asked him to stop talking. WG threatened to kill him which led TS to question whether he wanted to do what he had attempted to do that day. WG accused him to slandering him and threatened to let him die then.

LX decided to help TS fight WG. When WG was going to stab LX, both CP and TS flew to her rescue. CP kicked WG away but to the prince's shock, it was TS LX turned to, ignoring the prince's concern. CP vented his frustration on WG, kicking and ordering to get up. CP told TS that since WS was WG's brother, WG was unhappy with TS from the beginning and hence was angry. CP asked TS to pass him the yao pai, on the pretext that he agreed with TS's hypothesis and would check with the palace. He told TS to continue with the investigation and to report any new findings to him.

CP approached Lin Xiang, telling her that he did not mind the chaotic situation created by the mother and daughter earlier on but he asked whether LX could return to the inn with him as the one whom she had injured was still lying in bed. LX clarified that she did not injure anybody and that she had only immobilized some of her acupoints which would be back to normal after a few hours. LX refused to go with him, despite his persuasion. CP left, annoyed and offended.


Lady WG told TS that they would be leaving.

TS: "What, you two (mother-and-daughter) are leaving?"
LadyWG: "Yes, we had actually wanted to inform you that we are leaving and did not expect to create more troubles for you."
TS: "Aiya, how could you say that? Who said that you have given us problems?"
Lady WG: "LX had told me everything. Han Da Ren, Xian da niang, and Mr Lu, your warmth and help have filled me with great gratitude. However, my sickness has caused a lot of problems (which I would not elaborate). Moreover, Ling Xiang who was brought up in Bai Yun Abbey and is unaware of the complexities in the world and has also unwittingly offended the prince...."
TS: "So, that is a greater reason why both of you should not leave. You two should remain here to allow me to protect both of you. And also, Mr Lu has been trying to find an opportunity to explain to you about your medical problem. [To YQ] Right?"
YQ: "Yes. Right, right, right. Miss Ling Xiang has shown me the medicine you have been taking. That medicine is only good for calming your nerves, which can be helpful but it only treats the problem and not the source of the problem."
TS: "Mr Lu will write you a new prescription, and treat you. If you were to leave, how is Mr Lu going to observe the effect of the new medicine?"
Lady WG: "This... "
LX: "Mum, isn't this the reason why we left the Abbey? Mr Lu is really good."
TS: "Auntie, you do not have to contemplate any longer. I insist that you two remain here. Aye, niang (mum)... "
XY: "Huh? I insist even more... "
YQ: "I, as a physician, insist very, very strongly."
TS: "OK. That is decided."
XY: "Yes. Yes."


At the inn, CP was venting his frustrations on WG, accusing the two brothers of incompetence, that WS, a trouble-maker, and WG, a failure. He ordered WG to leave. YS tried to pacify him, asking him to calm down and not let agitation ruin his health. CP realized that TS was not easy to deal with, that TS was one who would go all out to do what he felt was right to do. Initially, CP thought that TS was somebody who was rash and liked to get in the acts but he realized that TS not only had martial art skills, but also had brains and craftiness. It was also difficult to really fathom what was in TS mind as TS was tactful and diplomatic in speech. Yu Shan suspected that TS was only trying to get into CP's favour, and scornfully commented all officials were the same, after three things: women, power, glory/benefits. She alleged that TS had an ulterior motive towards Ling Xiang, keeping LX in his house. She claimed that she had the best plan to deal with this kind of person. She whispered to CP her plan. Apparently, CP loved her plan but both were laughing.


At night, TS was taking a stroll when he met LX who was on her way to concoct the medicine for her mother. "The next part is self-explanatory... Enjoy.)

TS: "Er... your medicine... wo ...."
LX: "Has it scalded you?... It can't be. I am on my way to concoct the medicine for my mum. The pot is cold."
TS: "Wo... it is me who is hot here (rubbing his chest). Sorry to mislead you... aye... I feel that we share some destiny together, as we seem to have a few coincidental meetings, without having to make plans to meet."
LX: "Why do you keep bringing it up? I have already forgotten it."
TS: "I am referring to the occasions when we both rescued Bao Er, and when we met in the street. Which occasion do you think I was referring to?"
LX: "I am going to concoct the medicine."

Both went on their way. (Did they really? You will see for yourself ...)

TS: "Didn't you say that you were concocting the medicine? Why are you still here?"
LX:" I, I am moon-gazing [haha, don't we love to do that... moon-gazing... ]. The moon is lovely. I am admiring it. Can't I? Then why are you here?"
TS: "I am also admiring... I am going to say, yes, tonight's moon is lovely and it would be a pity to let you be concocting the medicine alone. Let me help you concoct the medicine."
LX: "Aye... "


In the kitchen, TS and LX concocting the medicine. When they got up at the same time, their heads collided.

TS: "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"
LX: "Did I hurt you?"
TS: "I'm alright. [seeing XY in the background] I don't hurt anymore. [Looking at the doused fire] Let me carry on fanning. [After some moments] The fire has started. The fire has started. It is really not easy."
LX looked at the TS's face and gave a laugh.
TS: "What? What's the matter?"

(Well, you have to watch Ep. 3 to find out what happened next.)

(end of episode 2)

translated by moondream

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