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December 2010

Congratulations to Alec for his 2010 awards:

Macau International Movie Festival:
Best Actor: A Tibetan Love Song

Hundred Flowers Award:
Best Supporting Actor: The Message

Film Premieres: New Kang Ding Love Song (新康定情歌 / Xin Kang Ding Qing Ge) had its China-wide premiere on November 16th, and also was shown in several film festivals worldwide. Lost in Panic Room (密室之不可告人 / Shi Zi Bu Ke Gao Ren) had an October 29th release date. Alec also recorded the theme songs for both films!

Film Festivals: A Singing Fairy (寻找刘三姐 / Xun Zhao Liu San Jie) was screened during the China Image Film Festival in London in October; this film and New Kang Ding Love Song were part of the 2010 Tokyo Chinese Film Festival in late October. Several of Alec's recent films are included in fall Chinese film festivals in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Events: Alec attended the 1st New York Chinese Film Festival in Manhattan, September 18–20, with screenings of A Singing Fairy and The Message. Among the activities during the festival were Q&As following the movies, and a celebration with international fans. Alec was also given an award as "Most Popular Actor" during the festival closing gala. October events included the China Image Film Festival in London and the 2010 Tokyo Chinese Film Festival.

Visit the English-language web site for The Message, with information, news updates, photos and media links!

The Message (English web site)

MTV Anti-trafficking Animation: Alec joined Zhang Hanyu and Yuan Quanxian to voice the Mandarin version of "Intersection," an animated film produced by MTV EXIT to help fight against human trafficking. The film began showing on China MTV June 13th.

Check out this June 12, 2009 interview (in English!) with Alec during the MTV EXIT press conference:

Veteran Taiwan star looks to China as the future

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